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How to Pay Your Bill

We have drop boxes for your convenience available at:

Rapid City Office
3250 E. Hwy. 44

Wall Office
Exit 109 at I-90

We accept cash, check, and credit card. To pay by credit card or check call our automated system at 1(605)791-6555 or call toll free at 1(855)730-8712 . We also have the following billing programs available:

Auto Pay

This is the most convenient way to automatically pay your bill. Each month you will receive your West River Electric bill as usual. Then, 12 to 15 days after the billing date, payment will be deducted from your checking or savings account or charged to your credit card account.

To enroll in the program you can call our offices at 605-393-1500 or 605-279-2135. or sign up online using SmartHub

Smart Hub

Would you like to pay your electric bill at any time of the day or night; on weekends rather than during the week?

Are you ready to pay your bill but can't find the statement or the envelope? Do you want to compare your current electric bill with last year's usage and charges along with graphs? All this can be done by signing up for Smart Hub. When you sign up for Smart Hub, you're able to see your bill, pay your bill, see your energy usage, and payment history. Each month you will receive an email telling you that your bill is available online. You can then simply log into your account and look at your current bill along with other important information. You will no longer have to hassle with paper bills each month. A copy of your current bill will be available online if you wish to print it out. You can pay the bill using your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or auto-check. You can also find some new "self serve" options that are available on the Smart Hub page. Try it today! You will find it one more way to be in touch with your Cooperative.

Budget Billing

Household electric bills vary widely from one season to another as witnessed by current winter month's bills. This variance often makes it difficult to follow a budget. West River Electric members usually receive their highest electric bills in the winter and summer while the spring and fall usually bring the lowest bills of the year.

Residential consumers are reminded that they can average their bills out during the year which reduces the highs and lows. This could be especially helpful to those on fixed incomes. The "Budget Billing Plan" is available to permanent residential consumers that have not had more than one late payment or one check returned for insufficient funds in the previous 12 months.

The electric bill under the "Budget Billing Plan" would be an average of the past twelve months actual billing plus an additional 10-20 percent depending on when the member signs up for budget billing.

The plan allows the consumer to pay the same amount each month throughout the year, eliminating high bills during times of extra use in the summer or winter. If there is a shortfall in the account, the member makes up the difference during the July billing. This billing plan can be terminated at any time by either the customer or Cooperative by giving reasonable notice to the other party.

The plan will be automatically terminated upon execution of a delayed payment agreement or upon discontinuance of service for any reason. If this plan is terminated for any reason other than execution of a delayed payment agreement, any accumulated balance of the member's account which is attributable to budget billing plan must be settled within 30 days.

To obtain more information about the West River Electric's Budget Billing Plan, call one of our offices at either 605-393-1500 or 605-279-2135.

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